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Sago 5 Pro Frames with Perfect Control | Wizard-style frames with 2 configs

RM 950.00

Sago 5 Pro frames are relatively advanced frames compared to other models of Sago. It is great fun to ride on them, but also it requires strength and some skills in Wizard-style skating. 

Alloy: 7005 Alu 


316mm / 334mm 


165/195mm mm 

Suggested setups: 


100-72-80-80-100               334mm 

80-72-80-80-80                   316mm

Colors: Brushed Silver / Brushed Gray

Tri system: possible with extra converters (Contact us!)

Properties of the two configurations

With the help of Sago washers, we could change between the two configurations. 

Setup 1:

334 setup

100 / 72 / 80 / 80 / 100 

This configuration is mainly for advanced wizard-style bladers. It's super interesting and fun, but also requires strength and control on your ankles. It's fast and stable, and easier to work on toe and rear wheels tricks with this setup.

Setup 2:

316 setup

80 / 72 / 80 / 80 / 80

This configuration looks the same as Sago 5S! But actually they are different. We flatten a bit the curve in the middle and raise both ends a bit. So it's a new experience on 5 Pro - it's more fun to do tricks like turns and rotations on it, while it's more stable cruising on it.

Super Low Center of Gravity

lower position
As a speed, rotating, jumping-related sport, a low center of gravity and stability have always been the goal. In Sago's case, we use a small wheel to avoid the touch of the mounting bolt, which lowers the frames by 8mm.